Alpha Spirituality Custom Game Pack

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Alpha Spirituality Custom Game Pack

I have been working for several months now on a pretty big project that is meant to add the 3 main monotheistic religions into the game, along with gameplay elements around spirituality in general for people who do not wish to follow a specific religion. It is still a work in progress, the main aspiration (and everything needed for it) is basically the only thing that is ready, the religions themselves have not been implemented yet. But you can already download and test what I have so far. Here is what is included: – Mood: “Spiritual”, can be obtained by “Taking a Meditative Shower”, or by selecting “Devotional” in the “Surge Emotion” interaction – Venues: Church, Mosque, and Synagogue, each with their associated religious leader NPC – Skills: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, each of those have their 3 skill books, and a computer interaction to study (under the Spirituality category); note that these skills are meant to represent theoretical knowledge, not beliefs or actual practice (like the Vampire Lore skill, you can learn it without being a vampire or wanting to be one, my intentions are the same with the religious skills)

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