Anti-Emeto Accessibility Mod

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Anti-Emeto Accessibility Mod

Anti-Emeto is an accessibility mod that removes and changes content in the game related to emesis. This is useful for players who are emetophobic, nosophobic, or find the content disgusting or unfunny. To learn more about emetophobia, please visit the Wikipedia article. THIS MOD OVERRIDES THE CAS ANIMATION DRIVER, AND WILL CONFLICT WITH MODS SUCH AS “Stand Still In CAS” This mod contains the following packages: Anti-Emeto (Base Game) Anti-Emeto (Vampires Compatibility Patch) Anti-Emeto (Cottage Living Compatibility Patch) Anti-Emeto Complete (Base game and all current patches) I currently do not own Go To Work, Pets, or Jungle Adventure. When I get the chance, their triggering content will be modded out. Anti-Emeto currently has only English strings. Translations are welcome.

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