Badeni Palace (no CC)

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Badeni Palace (no CC)

Badeni Palace is the family estate of Polish Count Stanisław Badeni in Koropets, Ukraine. During its existence, the palace changed more than one owner. The building got its final appearance in 1906. The palace has two floors: on the first floor there is an oval ballroom and a royal hall, next to which is a dining room, a library and a chapel. On the other side placed residential premises. The second floor consisted of living rooms. I slightly changed the original plan of the building to give the rooms more space. Also I left the palace unfurnished, because I’ve never played with such large families. So this most interesting part is up to you с: •I recommend buying the palace furnished, otherwise all the decor from the facade will disappear. • If you decide to change the planning, do not forget to move the roof with the arrows outside the building. Otherwise, when the walls are placed, the roof will disappear (this applies to the triangular roof above the entrance with columns and the flat roofs sections above the “square” domes on the side wings). Place with “moveobjects”

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