Boho Baby CC Pack for Sims 4

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Boho Baby CC Pack for Sims 4

I am happy to share with you my new modern Boho-Baby CC PACK dedicated to the little ones! A collection of everything you need to create a warm, special space for you and your children ABOUT THE CC PACK 32 items. Confort: Toddler Bed Mattress, Toddler Bed Frame, Chair, Loveseat, A functional Piti/Tent. Build: 6 wallpapers. Decorative: Bassinet, Chalk Board, Mobile Hanger, 2 Paintings, Panda Bear, 2 Stickers with various designs, Crocodile Toy, Cubes Toy, Lighting: Night Table Lamp. Storage: Bookcase. Surface: Desk, Dining Table, Mini Night Table. Special items: Toddler Changing Table Mod, Rocking Horse “Dino” and Rocking Horse “Elephant” requieres this mod and this mod from PandaSama to be functional, otherwise is going to be only decorative. Bassinet it’s a decorative piece, please use the Invisible Crib Mod to make it functional.

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Credit : imfromsixam

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