Cooking Club Afterschool Activity

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Cooking Club Afterschool Activity

Hello everyone! I have seen so many afterschool activities made out there on Tumblr but none of them included cooking?! My chef sims were sad, especially the children. Someone, please think of the children! So I made this cooking club afterschool activity. It is actually an afterschool activity, found under that category, so you need the Get Famous pack or Seasons or even possibly High School Years. I have all three so I am unsure, but I cloned the Get Famous Acting club to make my mod, so the minimum I would assume you would need is Get Famous. Made with patch 1.90 and good up til 1.93! Should not need any updating as this is all custom tuning, unless EA overhauls the afterschool activities (who knows!).

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Credit : claudiasharon

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