Fruitcake Like/Dislike Mini Overhaul

by admin
Fruitcake Like/Dislike Mini Overhaul

This mod requires the XML Injector and it won’t work without it! If you don’t already have, it, you can download it here. Once upon a time, I got fed up with Sims hating fruitcake as if it was a spawn of satan, made a rudimentary version of this mod, had no idea what I was doing, didn’t touch it for five months, and then remade it from scratch. Lol. This mod adds a hidden “No opinion on Fruitcake” trait, Sims can get either this one, or one of the unmodded ones (“Hates/Likes Fruitcake”), but there’s a higher chance of them getting the no opinion one. If you don’t like what the Sim got, this mod adds a “Declare Opinion on Fruitcake” social interaction with which you can change it, but if the other Sim hates it and yours declares they like it, or vice versa, there’ll be a small relationship loss. It shouldn’t conflict with anything unless the other mod does about the same thing as this one.

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Credit : Awwoo56709

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