Goosebumps Stuff Pack

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Goosebumps Stuff Pack

You need the following DLC for everything to work. If you do not have the DLC needed for the object below just delete that file and use the rest. Get To Work (Calendars) Parenthood (Journals) City Living (Bubbles) Kids Room Stuff (Chairs and Trash Cans) Cats and Dogs (Pet Toys) This is my Goosebumps Stuff Pack. It comes with a variety of goodies for you to play with. Posters, Calendars, Bubbles, Toys, Beds, Chairs, Tables, Rugs, Journals, and Books. Most things are visible by default but the books can be bought in the bookcase like other books. If you want to buy them in Build Mode you need bb.showhiddenobjects true for them to appear. The list below contains the name of items and their price in game. Many come with several swatches too.

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Credit : Horni4Elves

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