Immersive Social Bunny v1.0

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Immersive Social Bunny v1.0

Immersive Social Bunny provides a total of over 1200 random, unique posts across all ages, and even occult posts, such as vampires and werewolves. Each age group is able to write a random post from their own individual categories. (happy, mean, embarrassed, sad, and even some flirty posts) ==Immersive Social Bunny Release Candidate 3== *please download the release candidate 3 version of this mod & remove old version* Bug Fixes – Fixed issue where posting book reviews would post from occult or age posts Teen – 257 Combined posts *UPDATED* Elder – 242 Combined posts Young Adult – 179 Combined posts Adult – 167 Combined posts Vampire – 163 Combined posts Werewolf – 158 Combined posts Spellcaster – 92 Combined posts *NEW* MISC – 36 Combined posts Added community suggested posts *NEW* Going forward: I plan to add mermaids and aliens ability to post randomly. I plan to add more posts per each group (elder, adult, vampire, werewolf, etc) I plan to add in-game events and opportunities based on what you post to your Social Bunny

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