keller bedroom vivid colors and crazy

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keller bedroom vivid colors and crazy

Keller Bedroom – Vivid colors and crazy mis-matching patterns make any bedroom a cool place to be. These pieces offer handy and useful storage solutions but like, in a punk kind of way. The play kitchen works like a normal surface, and you can put the tea set items on it to make it look like child and toddler sims are pretending to cook! 🥗 The picture books work like a bookcase and the wooden shelf has no footprint, so you can color match anything. And I threw in a fun half painted wall with a scallop shape trim because it was too cute to leave out ;). Fourteen items total, all base game compatible! ✨You can search for these in the catalogue by typing “leafmotif” or “Keller Bedroom”. The bedding is up to date with the current patch.

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Credit : leaf-motif

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