matching swatches for stairs railing and fence

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matching swatches for stairs railing and fence

I made this set for my own use and thought y’all might find it useful too. It was a pain to do it (in TSRW) though, so I probably won’t be making more. This recolor set comes in four packages: MadameRiaMatchingSwatchesMegaFenceBasic: Recolor of the Mega Fence (Basic). Fence posts repeat every tile MadameRiaMatchingSwatchesMegaFenceBasicNoRepetition: Fence posts only show up at the end points of the fence line. (You can combine with the repeating version for variation of post placements!) MadameRiaMatchingSwatchesMegaRailing: Standard recolor of the original Mega Railing. MadameRiaMatchingSwatchesUnremarkableStairs: Standard recolor of the Unremarkable Stairs.

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Credit : madameriasims4

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