More Principal Desks for High School

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More Principal Desks for High School

I’ve added 29 desks in total from Base Game and several packs: Base Game – All-Purpose Desk, The Recognizer, Mega Desk, Inspiration Desk, Lacquered Up Console, Drafting Desk, T1-Fighter Desk, Executron Executive Desk, Anglette Desk; Cats and Dogs – WOODen Desk Classical; City Living – Frosty Plain; Discover University – Very Impressive Lawyer-y Desk, The Teacher’s Desk; Dream Home Decorator – Studious Retro Desk By L.U.M.B.E.R, The Rounded Desk… brought to you by Be Modular, The Acute Desk made for Discerning Space Savers by Be Modular; Get Together – The Ornate Trestle; Get to Work – Surface Noir, The Diligent Doctor’s Desk, The Chief’s Crystal Desk; High School Years – Dashing Deco Desk, Simple Yet Stylish Wooden Desk; Island Living – The Cartographer’s Quandary Desk; Kids Room – STAAP Desk; Realm of Magic – Will-‘o-the-Wisp Desk; Seasons – Illustrious Secretaire; Snowy Escape – Live to Work Desk; Strangerville – The Tekxhnik; Vintage Glamour – Mauman’s Working Desk. There are some desks that I do not consider suitable for this purpose, like small single-tile ones, kids stenciled desk, some having very tall back, those from Nifty Knitting and a few others. However, if you want to get any desk I did not include, tell me in comments and I’ll add it.

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