Nerfed No Vampire Werewolf Instant Dislike

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Nerfed No Vampire Werewolf Instant Dislike

Werewolves and Vampires jump to -50 friendship when first meeting, even when they’re fresh out of CAS spouses or babies just born. I changed the -50 to -30 for sims in different households and got rid of it for sims in the same household + made a version which gets rid of it entirely. Also, blankstorefront asked me to make a version which only gets rid of the insta-dislike if the vamp has the werewolf ally trait, so that’s now there too. Only download one! This mod overrides the main tuning for the frienship stat, so non-script mods altering friendship decay etc. will probably conflict. If anyone has any better idea on how to do the same thing as this mod without overriding that file, please please tell me in the comments

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Credit : Awwoo56709

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