Cobblebottom Cottage Residential Lot

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Cobblebottom Cottage Residential Lot

Sims 4 Cobblebottom Cottage – Residential Lot [No Cc] Cottage Living

“This cozy home sits in the heart of Finchwick and is steps away from the small village’s community hub. Though it can get a bit loud on fair days, there’s no better place for a Sim who wants to be a part of it all.” This lot can be placed on any 20×20 empty Lot. This was originally build at 3 Cobblebottom Street near the village center @ Henford-onBagley Map. This is a perfect lot for a young couple that’s looking a small personal farm on the back of their home near the community hub. This area is very active, and bustling with town’s people. I used only the Base game + Cottage Living expansion pack on this build and doesn’t require you to download any Cc. 1st Floor: -includes 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room + dining area and a office space. 2nd Floor: -includes a bedroom, 1 bathroom & a hallway + balcony. Exterior: – Chicken Coop, Garden, Farming Area, Grill & Picnic Area Note: * Make sure to enable bb.moveobjects on before placing the lot.

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Credit : ynn016

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