Sims 4 Fixed Nyx’s Enhanced Aliens v1.5

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Sims 4 Fixed Nyx’s Enhanced Aliens v1.5

Sims 4 Fixed Nyx’s Enhanced Aliens v1.5

So, we all know Nyx/NeilSimming, a great modder, who was sadly beaten. He/she/they created memorable mods, but over time the updates outpaced Nyx’s ability to maintain them. When he went inactive, many modders took the concept of his mods and made their own mods, it’s great, the game was incorporating functions that used to be part of their mods, leaving Nyx in oblivion. This mod was greatly missed, as there are not enough mods for aliens on the internet, and Nyx made one of the best ones.

  • First of all I want to say, that ALL the credits belong to Nyx, I don’t want to seize anything, I don’t want to steal anything, I am nobody.
  • Second, I want to say that I’m not a modder and what I’ve done is something so small that it doesn’t even deserve to be said, that’s the reason why this page is called "Fixed Nyx’s Enhanced Aliens v1.5" and not "Updated Nyx’s Enhanced Aliens v1.5" (but even though it was something small it took me a long time to find the problem and the way to fix it). I found the file in Neil’s Website, where he/she/they also establishes his/her/their permission to re-upload his/her/their files. I tried the mod and it was still perfectly playable, except for the brain power bar (see below) that didn’t recharge no matter how hard I tried, now that one is fixed.

After having clarified this, I hope you can understand that my intention is nothing more than to give the opportunity to common simmers, without much knowledge about programming mods like me, to play with a good mod, which spent two years without anyone who got interested in it, and surely would have remained that way for many more years.

Oh, by the way, I also included a Spanish translation, (I seem to had forgotten the Bio-buffs translation, now it’s done)

I’ll quote Nyx’s original description from WaybackMachine

I’m back with another mod that isn’t the werewolf mod, yay.
But this is because I felt so bad for the aliens that I couldn’t just leave them without exciting powers!

So let’s get into it and let’s describe this mod.

-Brand new abilities for the aliens-

Now aliens can do some new interactions! You are able to see them already by clicking on other sims and selecting the "Alien" menu. Under this menu there are 4 new interactions:
– Bio-Boost sim: Your alien will Increase some needs of the targeted sims, sacrificing theirs. The alien will receive the "Boosting another" (+3 Dazed) Buff and the targeted sim will receive the "Being Boosted" (+3 Energetic) Buff.
– Bio-Drain sim: This is the opposite of the previous interaction, your alien will decrease some needs of the targeted sims, improving theirs. The targeted sim will receive the "Being Drained" (+3 Dazed) Buff and the Alien will receive the "Draining another" (+3 Energetic) Buff.
The buffs will last 1 hour and the bio-boost/bio-drain interactions will not be available is it already happening with a sim.

Then there’s the "Mind Control" sub-menu which brings two interactions:
– Order to Clean: Your Alien will command sims to clean the house, without making them worry too much about themselves.
– Order to Repair: Your Alien will command sims to Repair all of your broken objects, without making them worry too much about themselves.
In both cases the targeted sim will receive the "Following Orders" (+10 dazed) Buff which will run out in about 4 hours.

-A new need to take care of-

Now aliens have a new need, Which is called "Brain power". This need will decrease periodically over the time, but it will be veeeery slow to decrease completely…
Unless you use your powers! The need’s maximum point is 100 and powers, depending on which one, will decrease the bar.
Here are the powers "consumption" points:
– Analyzing and empathizing with other sims will withdraw 15 points.
– Transmuting metals and Bio-draining sims will withdraw 30 points.
– Reviving dead alien pets and bio boosting a sim will withdraw 40 points.
– Commanding sims will withdraw 60 points
– Lastsly, erasing a sim’s memory will withdraw 80 points!
When it gets low, the buffs will be the same as the tired buff, but theiy will have different text.
How can you recover brain power you ask? Just do a nap on a sofa/on a bed/wherever ya want, make them focus a bit in their sleep, and then (when some alien symbols show up) they’ll start to recover their precious alien energy. If you won’t think about that, aliens will automatically do a nap on the sofa. If the bar is too low, they’ll pass out.

-How to unlock these new functionalities?-

There are two specific methods on how to do it:
The First (Manual method, available for grown aliens): Grown up aliens don’t have the new abilities just yet. To unlock them, you’ll have to go to the rewards menu, and buy the first trait named "Enhanced Alien Abilities", which costs 0 points.
The Second (Automatic method, available for alien children): You just have to wait for them to grow up into teens, and they’ll develop their powers just by doing that!

With this said, I hope you’ll enjoy this mod as much as I do!

UPDATE V1.5 29/08/2018
I’ve added some mischievous interactions that I hope you’ll enjoy!

-Conquering a lot!-

Now your alien is able to conquer the human race! Just select the option by clicking on your alien, select the "Alien" menu, and then click on "Conquer the lot!".
By clicking on this interaction, your alien will pull out a strange communication device that will start the event. A message will popup but It seems like it has some symbols with no meaning, but it is actually a crypted message and you won’t be able to find out what each word means UNLESS you examine it on the strings of the package (so outside the game).
Let’s keep talking about the invasion, after this communication, your alien will start to laugh like a maniac, and all the sims (or some of them) on the lot will be abducted by an alien UFO (by the way, the abduction in this event will probably get some sims pregnant, since there’s an increased chance of alien pregnancy). Meanwhile, some other aliens (lots of them!) will start spawning on the lot and will perform a "scan" animation.
Your and other aliens will have the "Conquering this lot!" (+7 confident) buff. The event itself will last around 6 hours, you’ll be able to understand it by the fact that your alien doesn’t have the event’s buff anymore. It doesn’t stop there though, once you’ve conquered even a single lot, prepare to see aliens even without this event activated because they will start to roam around your neighborhood!
(The next update will feature a consequence for the abducted sims)
ADD-ON FOR SEASON: If you have Seasons, the weather will change as well and It will become cloudy as soon as the event starts.

-Minor add-ons-

– I’ve added a response animation to the sims who are victims of mind control.
– I’ve added a new order:
Order to Sleep: Your Alien will command sims to Sleep on the floor… Be sure the floor is comfy, because they are gonna be there for a while…
– I’ve added the "Get this Sim Abducted" interaction where your alien will pull out a strange remote to get the victim abducted by another alien.
– I’ve added the "Restore Brain Power" interaction where your alien will kneel on the floor, they will concentrate, and lastly they will slowly recover precious brain power.

-Known Bugs-

– During a lot’s conquering, some sims might be abducted following a veeeeery looooooong loop. This might happen to controllable sims too, so I’ve added the possibility to cancel the interaction. The fix for the uncontrollable sims, is to simply leave the lot after the event.
– Some non-controllable sims might not clean your house correctly, but this is a small possibility.


This mod contains edits of the following resources:

Sofa Nap interaction:

Alien Interactions :

Alien Event Filter:

Buyable Traits Tuning:

AgeUp Interactions:

So if you have any mod that edits any of these resources it will probably conflict.

So, I hope this can bring back the interest of the modder community for aliens, the mod is fully playable again, but it would be very kind if someone helps us make it fully compatible (you know, being an old mod maybe there are bugs or things that I have not noticed). Hopefully future updates won’t breake it again…

I recently made another mod, I’m doing it right! I think I’ll upload it.

EDIT: I just saw in the Sims4Studio thread that someone has taken this task of fixing the mod, I don’t have a Sims4Studio account, I can’t help that user. If that user manage to do it, I will consider deleting this page, and possibly my account too.
EDIT 2: That person wants to delete their version, I wouldn’t like it to be like this

Archive: Enhanced Aliens v1.5 by
File: Bio Buffs.package
File: Enhanced Aliens.package

Traits: (1)

Interactions: (25)

Order to Clean
Order to Repair
Memory Erase
Analyze Personality
Overpowering Sleep
Get this Sim Abducted
Be Abducted
Conquer this lot!
Be Abducted
Get this Sim Abducted
Restore Brain Power

Sims 4 Mods ?

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How do you use Sims 4 mods ? Extract the two files within the . zip file and place both of them into your Sims 4 mods folder. The mods folder is found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mod

Will there be a Sims 5? Yes, there will be!

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Credit : GOOD_BOYgoneBAD

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