HQ compatible eyes eyebrows makeup skin colors

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HQ compatible eyes eyebrows makeup skin colors

Sims 4 HQ compatible eyes, eyebrows, makeup, skin, skin colors after patches – skin colors

Sims 4 HQ compatible eyes

Do you use the HQ Mod? After patching your game, are your sims wearing a skin suit? Or all black? Are their eyes all basic brown with no way to change them? Are their eyebrows missing? These default replacements should help fix that! With the June 3 patch EA changed the way it uses textures for eyecolors, eyebrows, and makeup. With patches in Oct/Nov, it made the same change to the textures that define skin definition and body/face details. With the Dec 2020 patch, the skin colors were converted and a zillion more swatches were introduced. In order to show up correctly all those parts need to be default replacements now, either with HQ LRLE-format replacements, custom TGIs for the textures, or with the texture TGI type changed to fool the game. These are default replacements of the EA eyes, brows, makeup, skin textures, and skin colors that should work correctly in HQ. They use the EA textures resized for HQ. PLEASE NOTE: WHILE THE NEW SKIN COLOR REPLACEMENTS WORK IN MY GAME WITH TEEN – ELDER, THEY DO NOT WORK WITH CHILDREN OR TODDLERS. Your children and toddlers will probably still have completely black skin and default brown eyes. AND PLEASE NOTE: IN MY GAME ONE FAMILY CAUSES THE GAME TO CRASH WHILE LOADING. I think this may be because they have sims with tans or sunburns. It’s going to take some more time for me to track down the problem with children and toddlers and (I think) with tans and burns. I’ll also be updating with packages for MAC makeup and facepaints. Meanwhile I guess this is better than nothing. There are now nine sets of packages. PLEASE FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS: – Skin definition textures – These are in three zip files because they’re so big and wouldn’t upload all together. Find your basegame HQ packages and replace the following packages: SkinBuCu.package, SkinOther.package, SkinPu.package, SkinTfYafAfEf.package, and SkinTmYamAmEm.package with the fixed versions. (Replace SkinOther.package with SkinOther1_Fixed.package and SkinOther2_Fixed.package.) – Replacements of makeup, eyecolors, and eyebrows: These are in two zip files, a ‘No Wrench’ version that replaces only the textures, does not display a wrench icon, and should not conflict with custom default replacements; and a ‘With Wrench’ version that does display a wrench and will conflict with custom defaults. (This is the original default replacements.) INSTALL ONLY ONE. – Replacement of default skin color textures: These are in four zip files, again due to file size, SkinColorsHQ_DDS, SkinColorsHQ_LRLE1, SkinColorsHQ_LRLE2, and SkinColorsHQ_Overlays. INSTALL ALL FOUR. Notes: – If you already have the makeup, eye colors, eyebrows, and skin definitions installed, all you need to do now is install the four skin color packages. – As of the 11/24/20 update to this download, it’s recommended you remove the old default replacement packages and replace with the new ‘no wrench’ replacements, which will not show a CC wrench icon and will not conflict with custom default replacements. – If you use the ‘with wrench’ packages: If you use custom default replacement eyes, don’t install the ‘wrench’ eyecolor packages here, they will conflict. If you use custom replacement eyebrows, don’t install the eyebrows packages. Same for makeup, if you use custom replacements of makeup. Each type is in a separate package for each pack so you can pick only what you need. – These are in separate zip files for skin textures, ‘no wrench’ defaults, and ‘with wrench’ defaults. The packages are identified by BaseGame/EP/SP/GP. Install what you need. – MAC makeup and some new CAS items will not work unless/until someone figures out how to decode the new texture format. – Most of the facepaints don’t work – I don’t know why but will take another look. – You still may have to remove stuff from your sim to get it working – newer clothing/accessories/makeup may not be included. If I’ve left something out please let me know! Additional Credits: Many thanks to alf-si, Lazy Eyelids, and veelous – without their HQ textures I couldn’t have provided anything for packs I don’t own. The skin textures here are just converted versions of some of their packages. More thanks to yukovee, who provided valuable information and testing! And thanks to SeluXereZ for kicking my butt to take another look after the recent patches. Updates: 1/23/2021: Added four skin color packages.

Sims 4 Mods ?

Are mods safe? …It is perfectly safe to download mods.

How do you use Sims 4 mods ?Extract the two files within the . zip file and place both of them into your Sims 4 mods folder. The mods folder is found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mod

Will there be a Sims 5?Yes, there will be!

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