Sims 4 K-Pop Star Mod

by admin
Sims 4 K-Pop Star Mod

Sims 4 K-Pop Star Mod

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Credit: kawaiistaciemods

Requires: Get together, City living, Get famous


This mod lets your sims become k-pop stars. You will start as a nobody and work your way up to becoming a k-pop legend.

How to get started:

You can either get the aspiration in CAS or join the career. I recommend using the aspiration on “new sims” from the CAS menu.

Stage One: Auditions

In this stage, you will be building skills and trying to audition to get into a company. It’s a good idea to go past the minimum requirements if you want a higher chance to pass. After you pass the audition stage you will officially be apart of a company. You will get a contract for a minimum of $20k and get paid weekly by your company $200. You are expected to work for the rest of your money.

Stage Two: Company Trainee

In this stage, you will be building your skills, reputation, and fanbase. After you pass this stage you will be able to get sponsors, perform, film, and do meet and greets.

Stage Three: Debut

In this stage, you will be doing a lot of performing, filming, and building your fanbase. After you pass this stage you will officially become a k-pop star!

Stage Four: K-Pop Star

In this stage, you will be doing a lot of commercials, dramas, performances, and advertising! After you pass this stage you will officially become a k-pop legend!

Extra Information


Doing certain tasks in public or just existing, in general, can get you into scandals you can see the reason sometimes in the moodlet. There is a way to attempt to clear the scandal by clicking your sim.


You will get free products that you can wear. If you take pictures in them then there is a chance that you will make sales and get paid for them.


You can use this option to create fan merch custom content or just choose things you want your fans to wear. You earn some commission from creating your own merch.

Sims 4 Mods ?

Mods are game modifications to the Sims 4. Any game that is moddable has mods.

Are mods safe? …

It is perfectly safe to download mods.

How do you use Sims 4 mods ?

Extract the two files within the . zip file and place both of them into your Sims 4 mods folder. The mods folder is found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mod

Will there be a Sims 5?

Yes, there will be!

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