LARGE SMALL BRICKS Get Famous Walls Floors

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LARGE SMALL BRICKS Get Famous Walls Floors


I felt the itch to recolour a wall, so I recoloured this one from Get Famous. Has both large and small versions (small pictured), and comes with a matching floor for both sizes too. Of course, in 48 Image Spectra colours.

Note: Large floor may be slightly glitchy, I saw a bit of a rogue line once in a while, presumably from fiddling with the diffuseuv sizes to get it to match the wall. I don’t know how to fix it, but it’s not a big problem.

TOU, requirements, and credits: Share and use as you wish, but please do so freely and always allowing others to do the same with your resulting content. Requires the Get Famous pack. With thanks to fiddlefolk for the Image Spectra palette.

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Credit : amoebae

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