Sims 4 RoM – The Poisonous Apple

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Sims 4 RoM – The Poisonous Apple

Sims 4 RoM – The Poisonous Apple

This mod requires the XML INJECTOR, Utility – Death Interactions and Utility – Cauldron Potions Shared Tuning

This mod also requires Strangerville

I was asked to do this a long time ago. This adds a special apple in game witches and vampire witches can turn into a poisonous apple. 

Eating the apple is pretty much the same as eating any other apple (with the exception that it’s always pristine quality), but eating the apple poisoned by a witch is lethal. After the apple is poisoned, sims have the option, under mischief, to offer it to other sims. If the other sim accept, after 30 minutes the poison will take effect. 

A sim poisoned by the apple can ask a witch for the antidote, they’ll have to bring them the ingredients. The antidote also works for the potion of nausea here 

If you let the time run out, the sim will die, there is no chance to overcome the poison.

The delicious apple can be found from apple trees by looking for it or bought from the phone if you have Purchase Herbalism Ingredients

Vampire Magic and Vampire Potions are updated to work with this mod (careful when updating vampire magic, I moved the link because people weren’t reading the description)

All the mods linked in the post are updated for compatibility with this one.


The animation to poison the apple is not perfect

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Will there be a Sims 5? Yes, there will be!

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Credit : Zero’s Sims 4 Mods&Comics

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