Sims 4 Club New Job

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Sims 4 Club New Job

Hello everyone, I’ll tell you about a new profession in the game. You must add this mod to the game for this profession.


  1. Start a new business of managing a

2. Club! Prepare the stage, hire alluring dancers, turn up the music, and watch the money flow!

3. Clubs are not a venue type, you are required to use your phone or computer to purchase one.

4. You are free to build your club however you want, but the Dancing Pole and the Dancing Spot objects require some extra attention.

5. It’s not necessary to purchase a Dancing Pole or a Dancing Spot for every hired dancer

Sims 4 Club

With this mod, it is possible to add many optional animations. Before you can use each animation, you must find these animations. I have prepared a list of the best animations for you. You can get an idea about animations by examining the images.!!

There are three primary tasks employees will do, stage dancing, charming clients, and bartending. ” To assign a task, click on a Dancer Employee and select the ‘Assign Task’ option under the ‘ Club’ category. When playing as a dancer, simply start performing a certain task to automatically change into it.”

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