Sims 4 World Edit 2 & Plumfruit

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Sims 4 World Edit 2 & Plumfruit

I’ve been working first on the next big World Edit Update! Originally planned as a minor update, I got many new ideas to improve the experience and let you create the worlds of your dreams! Here are a few examples of the new and improved features

Sims 4 World Edit 2 & Plumfruit


  • New Empty World: The new blank world for you to create yours is located in Oasis Springs (replacing the park). Because there’s only one 50×50 lot, it’s a full open world! 
  • Adding Farmland and Cottage Living features!
  • New easy install process: only add the .package file and .script file to your mods folder and that’s it! No need to re-install any files after the update, your world will stay still!
  • Brush Mode: to paint the floor off lot, or even add trees with the brush!
  • World Grid Mode: a new mode that adds a grid to the whole world to add more easily items and decor
  • New Ocean: tropical or dark ocean? You choose! You can even wade inside, fish, and add a boat from the new world objects catalog (as you can see on the screenshot up above) and build inside! 
  • New roads: add them by choosing the transport menu
  • New adventure items: to create your own story mode and share it easily to your friends with just a save file!
  • New world importer: available directly from my gallery!
  • And so much more that I am still exploring

Regarding this update, I’m thinking of taking a bit more time to make it even bigger than I expected! And with the early release of Plumfruit, I might release this new version next week. I will let you know exactly what I am up to!


Plumfruit is my newest Mod/Stuff Pack that will be available in 2 parts! The first part is going to be released very soon, I’m now working on the trailer 😏  This new mod pack includes new tech items inspired by a famous fruit brand… The first part includes:

  • New smartphone Ui (as you can see in the gif up above). You can even change the wallpaper! (more about this down below)
  • New PlumPhone: the famous phone is back, replacing your old looking phones in the game. Light, sleek and functional, this new phone is the one of your (sims’) dreams!
  • New PlumPad (Tablet): Wether you’d like to surf the web, watch simflix or even make digital paintings, this device is perfect for you!
  • New PlumMac (Computer): This gorgeous looking computer is featuring completely revamped categories
  • New PlumPod (Smart Speaker): ask Linzi (your virtual assistant) to put on some music, make a call, or even to turn off all the lights of your connected Home…
  • New Pro Video Station: if you own the Sims 4 Get Famous, you will be able to buy this new media production station, with a powerful computer and the latest ring-light bought on Amazim, you’ll be able to create the most interesting videos for your SimTube Channel
  • New Secret Items: I’m not telling you everything today… you will have to discover it all in the trailer!


With the new Phone Ui (see the gif up above), I am able to add about 20 different wallpapers! And I came up with an idea: how about YOU submit your own in-game pictures/screenshots to have as a wallpaper in the game? You can send me your screenshots in this form and I will add some of my favourites to the phone🥳


Thank you again for reporting bugs from Farmland 2.0, remember you can still report any bug in this form or on the Discord Server. What I’ve seen so far are some mod conflicts (like the “No Fade on Everything” from Mizzore Yuki for example that would add planes all around Eden Hills). I am also investigating other bugs that I don’t experience myself (or are uncommon among you all), so it’s harder to fix something I don’t see. Thank you again for your patience and support, it is very much appreciated.


And finally, some personal news: I am thinking of doing a full re-branding in October/November (when I hopefully return to my home in Mauritius) with the help of a local community manager; updating my website, this page, and all my other social media. Focusing on smaller mods and updates for now (until my personal situation gets resolved) is helping me focus and communicate better. Brighter days are ahead, and I’m once again very grateful towards you.

That’s it for today’s news! Whenever I have some more, I will post them here directly to keep you all informed on what’s coming (and when exactly).

Sending you lots of Love!

Are mods safe? …It is perfectly safe to download mods.

How do you use Sims 4 mods ?Extract the two files within the . zip file and place both of them into your Sims 4 mods folder. The mods folder is found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mod

Will there be a Sims 5?Yes, there will be!

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Credit : Arnie

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