Soulmates for Love Day

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Soulmates for Love Day

Happy Love Day, y’all! This mod adds a new gameplay mechanic to the game: soulmates. Sims have a random chance of finding their soulmate when meeting someone new or interacting with someone they already know. Unlike the Fated Mates mechanic from Werewolves, the assignment of soulmates is based more on shared traits than mood, so Sims with traits in common are more likely to be assigned soulmates, and Sims with conflicting traits are less likely to become soulmates. Soulmates get flirty buffs when interacting with each other, and tense or sad buffs when flirting with other Sims. There is also an “Ask About Soulmate” interaction to see if NPCs have found their soulmates yet. There are also reward store potions to make it easier to find your Sim’s soulmate, or to remove an unwanted soulmate. Finally, there is also a new aspiration centered around finding your Sim’s soulmate. The reward trait for this aspiration allows your Sim to fill their needs and others with a hug (except for Bladder, because that would be really weird).

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Credit : JaneSimsten

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