The Commune Of Samuel the sims 4

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The Commune Of Samuel the sims 4

I based The mod on my book “The Sin’s Hour’s” Fictional Commune “The Commune Of Samuel.” The jobs are all inspired by the book. It gives you a look at the day in the life of a member since you live in the commune. Click Here For The Book The Sin’s Hour: This mod represents a unique way of life for sims. You can be a teacher, judge, farmer, citizen, IVF worker, doctor, and more in this commune. You can even lead the commune and its finances. After 13 hours, a citizen sim will return “Home” to the commune for 12 hours, then return. But, of course, you can miss work as there is no penalty since you live there at this level. Not losing work performance allows you to play with your sims more without fearing losing your citizenship. Different Doctors have an assigned day of the week they work; One sim will only go to work on Mondays every week, another only on Sunday weekly, another Tuesday, and so on. The work times keep the doctors from being overworked, and pay will accommodate the short work times. There are also DAY and NIGHT doctors. Night doctors, in reality, are known as Nocturnists. The leader of the commune earns the most since a leader is wealthy. The wealth is good for giving to other sims in the commune. A higher head in the commune earns most of the commune’s money in taxes. You can also be a 911 operator for the commune. Credits: Simneia as I used to create this mod

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