The Feral Containment Unit

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The Feral Containment Unit

Ever worried about a fury-induced rage harming those you care about? Do you wish you could protect your precious belongings from your sharp claws? Have you ever wanted to sleep in a locked and confined space with limited oxygen for hours? Well look no further! I think we all had higher hopes for this object that came with the Werewolves game pack. It turned out to be a tad disappointing with little gameplay value, but now it’s been revamped (or rather, re-WOLF-ed) to be a lot more interesting! Now your werewolf sims can lock themselves up to transform safely and reduce their fury if it gets too high. Or if they’re already in a fury-induced rage, they can jump inside and prevent themselves from scaring their loved ones! And their loved ones can provide words of support to help them feel less lonely and recover from their condition quicker. Alternatively, they can just curl up and have a nap if they feel like sleeping on a cold, hard surface! You may be wondering if this is a spot for sims to get frisky, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful at making this into a woohoo location. In the future, I may be able to revisit it and enable woohoo in this object, but for now, it’s simply a cell for containing werewolves.

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