The Sims 4 Grogunome Baby Yoda as a Gnome Functional

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The Sims 4 Grogunome Baby Yoda as a Gnome Functional

The Sims 4 Grogunome Baby Yoda as a Gnome Functional

This simple tuning mod allows Sims to hug their best friends (including Evil best friends) lovingly. It also allows them to hug family they aren’t directly related to. For example, if a Sim raised you and they’re not technically your parent, you can now hug them lovingly.

This was a problem in my last legacy challenge. There were always four Sims a generation: two of my heirs and their partners. Consequently, one heir couldn’t hug the other heir’s parents lovingly. This is a simple mod that rectifies that.

Technical stuff: The way this works is that the interaction has a test condition for relationships, and in order for the interaction to be available, the two Sims have to match any relationship bit. In plain English, the interaction is only available if your Sim has one of the relationship bits in the code. Previously, it only included Sims that were directly related (father, cousin, sister, and so on) with some exceptions (significant others and care dependents before they become adults). You only need one bit to pass the game’s test. This mod adds lines for the positive acquired Parenthood bits and the Best Friends bits. Here’s the full list of relationship bits that have been added:

  • friendship-bff (Best Friends)
  • friendship-bff-Evil (Henchmen — BFFs for Evil)
  • familyRelationshipBitsAcquired_Sibling_HighRel_LowRival (Super Siblings)
  • familyRelationshipBitsAcquired_Sibling_HighRel_HighRival (Thick as Thieves)
  • familyRelationshipBitsAcquired_Parent_MaxRel_LowAuth (Mommy/Daddy Dearest)
  • familyRelationshipBitsAcquired_Parent_MaxRel_HighAuth (Oh Captain, My Captain)
  • familyRelationshipBitsAcquired_Parent_HighRel_LowAuth (Happy Childhood)
  • familyRelationshipBitsAcquired_Parent_HighRel_HighAuth (Grateful Guide)
  • familyRelationshipBitsAcquired_Child_HighRel_HighAuth (Guided Hand)
  • familyRelationshipBitsAcquired_Child_HighRel_LowAuth (Provided Happy Childhood)
  • familyRelationshipBitsAcquired_Child_MaxRel_HighAuth (Respected Heir)
  • familyRelationshipBitsAcquired_Child_MaxRel_LowAuth (Daddy’s/Mommy’s Boy/Girl)

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