The Sims 4 Hibernate for Sleeping Pod

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The Sims 4 Hibernate for Sleeping Pod

The Sims 4 Hibernate for Sleeping Pod

  • Increase all needs (Energy, Hunger, Bladder, Hygiene, Fun and Social) as long as sim hibernate in Sleeping Pod, the increase rate is 0.331 every sim-minutes.
  • Sim will get a sleeping mood named “Hibernating” during the hibernation. This mood look like Sleeping mood, but I edited the image.
  • When sim is hibernating, sim will get a trait named “Immortal from Hibernating”. This trait can disabled aging, but it will disappear when sim wake up, it means sim become immortal only during the hibernation.
  • Sim will hibernate forever and won’t wake up.
  • To make sure sim can hibernate forever, I also edited the broken-rate to 0. But it will still got broken, such as raining day.
  • When sim wake up, sim will get a confident mood named “Hibernation! (Waking from hibernation)” for 4 sim-hours.
  • (This feature require EP Season.)When sim wake up, sim will feel uncomfortable freezing mood until sim get warmer.

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