the solar flare a lounge lot by amoebae

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the solar flare a lounge lot by amoebae

Once owned by legendary entertainers Frank Simatra and Simmy Davis Jr, The Solar Flare was THE place to be. Sadly, times change, and a series of scandalous (and grizzly) stories saw the famous hotel and lounge fall into disrepair. New owners have tried to bring The Solar Flare back to its former glory, but it can’t quite shake its dark reputation. The only custom content used was my Shiftable Mirrors (which lets you move mirrors freely on the wall). If you don’t have that installed you might find any wall mirrors disappear. If that happens, you can simply replace them with whatever you like. I have every build/buy pack and kit (except Bust the Dust!) and used a lot of them for this build. Anything missing can be replaced with whatever you have in your own game.

Sims 4 Mods ?

Credit : pictureamoebae

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