Transfer Minds

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Transfer Minds

Transfer Minds

Another Interaction is added to the Robotics Bench that allows Elder Sims to be transferred into a Servo, this makes the elder sim in-age able. Transferred sims are different to normal servos as they were human before, they have the ability to shower and Try for Baby unlike a regular servo, though these sims aren’t completely human as they need servo needs instead of regular needs. These transferred sims cannot be uncomfortable or stressed and always have a energized buff.

New Interactions
Transferred Sims can talk to electrical appliances like a computer and microwave. These sims also have a new interaction called ‘Pretend To Be A Robot’ which is a mischievous interaction, they also have a new introduction called ‘Robotic Introduction’ and the last Transferred Sim only interaction is ‘Discuss Robots’.

Normal Sims also have a new interaction called ‘Talk About Robot Transferring’

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