Is Maxis match better than Alpha?

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Is Maxis match better than Alpha?

They both look good, but its because you’re good at making sims. Personally I prefer Maxis match since it’s better optimized and I prefer to keep my game in laptop mode.

I loved alpha , but it just looks wrong in the game (Sims 4) . 

Alpha modeling in 4 is great to look at, but not for me

Best Maxis Match CC Creators

  1. Katverse

There are even different sections with tutorials for CAS backgrounds, poses, reshade, and more. This site is packed full of informative and creative custom content and resources.

2. Illogical Sims

He has produced full CC packs which include Minimalist Bedroom, Contemporary Living, Sleek Kitchen, Modern Living, and his most recent, SIMKea Furnishings. These are complemented by pieces that he produces to match and enhance DLC packs.

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