Pokemod By Leljas Play as Charizard Pokemon

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Pokemod By Leljas Play as Charizard Pokemon

Sims 4 Pokemod By Leljas: Play as Charizard and/or Incineroar from Pokemon

I’ll accept any pokemon requests! You can comment right here and even if I don’t respond, I promise to take note of them. I also made a list of all requested pokemon that I intend on doing (Sooner or later).

For this mod, you’ll need Savestate’s furry mod version 2

Here’s a detailed guide on how to make them:
(This mod doesn’t include any tray files. You will have to make them yourself)
(The Pokemon are fully compatible for both genders)
(Make sure not to make very overweight or very thin Sims, as they might make some of the Pokemon parts look off)
1 – Select the modded gray skin tone that comes with the furry mod. (Located under the miscellaneous skin tones)
2 – Click on the eyes and select the furry mod preset.
3 – While still on the eye selection, pick whichever custom eye color fits the pokemon you are making.
4 – Move to the face details section and select the furry head or any of its variants.
5 – Still on the face details, change to either the plantigrade or the digitigrade legs.
6 – Again, still on the face details, find and select the parts you need to make the pokemon you want. If you are making any of their shiny or mega forms, you can find it in the different color options.
6.1 – You can find their optional claws in the face details section as well. (Incineroar’s claws are only compatible with plantigrade legs, while Charizard’s claws are only compatible with digitigrade legs).
6.2 – For Incineroar, you can find it’s belt in the head accessories section. (You will have to do this part for every single outfit category, but it is entirely optional)
7 – Finally, Move to the body tattoos section and pick the one for the pokemon you are making. If it’s a shiny or a mega form, you can find it in the different colors under the same tattoo.

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