Pessimistic, Sarcastic, Cryptozoologist

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Pessimistic, Sarcastic, Cryptozoologist

The Sims 4 Traits Pessimistic, Sarcastic, Cryptozoologist, Contemplative, Spiritual, Queen

The Sims 4 Traits – More CAS Traits for Sims Mod – Sims 4 Traits cc – sims 4 cc traits and aspirations – sims 4 cc

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“This sim can’t get enough of cryptids! From Bigfoot to Loch Ness, this sim knows them all, and lives to discuss them with other sims. They have unique social interactions and get powerful moodlets from thinking about cryptids. Because of their preoccupation with cryptids, they have a harder time making friends, but learn Vampire Lore and Archaeology faster than other sims.”

“What can be said of this sim? No matter what’s happening, they always see the negative side of things. They have no shortage of things to complain about, build relationships slower, and tend to react negatively to good news.”

“These sims are deep thinkers. They aren’t especially brilliant, just given to being pensive. This can lead them to feeling stressed around genuine Geniuses. They sometimes overanalyze situations, leading to indecision and stress,. They are slow to make friends, but do well in the Scientist and Tech Guru careers, and have unique social interactions.”

“These sims are fabulous, and don’t you forget it honey! They tend to be confident, build friendships slower, and can have a nasty temper when provoked. They build charisma quickly and excel in the Entertainer and Style Influencer careers. They never apologize to anyone for being themselves. Slay, Queen, slay!”

“These sims have a deep, abiding belief in the power of being at one with the Universe. They gain powerful moodlets from meditation and yoga, as well as volunteering, and make friends easily, as people feel drawn to their positive outlook. They do especially well in the Painter career.”

“These sims can’t help but be sarcastic. Or CAN they? They build social, mischief and comedy skill faster than most sims, do especially well in the Entertainer career, and are slower to build romantic relationships. They also have unique social interactions, and have a chance of offending others with their sarcasm.”

Sims 4 Mods ?

Firstly, Mods are game modifications to the Sims 4. Any game that is moddable has mods.

Are mods safe? … It is perfectly safe to download mods. best sims 4 mods

How do you use Sims 4 mods ?

Extract the two files within the . zip file and place both of them into your Sims 4 mods folder. The mods folder is found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mod

Will there be a Sims 5?

Yes, there will be!

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