Sims 4 CinErotique TV 5.4 (01.05.2021)

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Sims 4 CinErotique TV 5.4 (01.05.2021)

CinErotique TV

Credit : CinErotique

Simtown has a new adult channel…

This mod adds the ability to watch “strawberry” on TV. After viewing, characters will receive a Flirty mudlet.

Featuring seven custom TV channels – CinErotique, RAW, CineReality, CineSnob, SMASH!, JuiceBox – that plays all the sexy exclusive adult content your sims will ever need to have a good time.

Sims 4 Mods ?

Firstly, Mods are game modifications to the Sims 4. Any game that is moddable has mods.

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