Sims 4 NikutaiKaizou Club WW compatible bodyparts

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Sims 4 NikutaiKaizou Club WW compatible bodyparts

NikutaiKaizou Club

NikutaiKaizou Club – sims 4 mod – Sims 4 Mods – how to install sims 4 mods

Wicked Whims Mod brings more realistic woohoo animations to the The Sims 4, where you can actually see what’s going on under the covers… You can download other animations, not just woohoo animations as well

However, Wicked Whims Mod comes with more than just these features, it also comes with an ATTRACTIVENESS feature! If there’s a sim that fits your sims’ check-list, the sim will now be attracted to specific types of sims (body type, hair type, skin color, eyes)

Game features!

  • Well … Maybe something that isn’t in LL.
  • Extreme size development with no intermediate link.
  • Smooth rigging (but rigging is hell)
  • Parts that can’t be real. Some realistic parts!
  • And that’s what I want.

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